Project Alpha Eleven

My name is Mohamed Munye.

I am the CEO of Alpha Eleven!

From a young age, I was considered the lone wolf, or the good but shy kid that everyone ignored. I was the middle child.

I daydreamed in all of my classes about so many things: solutions, visions, saving people. But who was I to fool? I was merely a child who had a creative, powerful mind.

I knew I wanted to do something big around age 11. I couldn’t just sit around anymore playing virtual world games. I learned languages, photography, singing, fighting, and began understanding the world. “No,” it was simply not enough.

Around the ages of 14-18, it was like a season of wealth: playing Xbox every season, making loads of friends, joining groups with the same relations as family, and nothing was going to stop us.

Then, we grew up. I graduated from high school. Life was so overwhelming. I wanted to go back to age 11 when sitting on my behind, playing virtual Alpha Eleven world games, listening to my sister downstairs attempting “Rihanna - Only Girl (In The World)” felt so safe and secure.

When I turned into an adult, I asked myself, “Hey! What’s wrong with the world? Why do I feel so overwhelmed?” Why do people put each other down. We can work together instead of feeling stressed all the times. What is blocking us from becoming sustainable.

Our guardians have always taught us, “Being useless is not going to get you anywhere in life, so make yourself useful.”

I started talking to online friends and they felt the same way about life. We used to talk about living in one big home where we’d all express our creativity and solutions to help the world in specific ways.

So, we sat down and thought, why not create a luxury community of people that work together, travel, game, socialize, surf coasts, camp, etc. Tracking their fitness, sleep, & time spent online to create balance depending on what they do.

“You could be an influencer, or an entrepreneur, basically whatever”

You could be anyone looking for friends, making new content, flying monthly to different places with groups, connecting with nature, exploring cultures.

Project A011 is one of futuristic ideas.

I have confidence that the future will soon push small societies which take care of their “communities”. When push comes to shove, life will always adapt evolve & prevail. Along will rise fleets of A011’s!

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